Doorstep Meals

Doorstep Meals

Enjoy WannaBee Chef’s prepared meals at home.

Have delicious, healthy, and affordable meals without the daily grind of shopping and cooking.

Delivering to the greater New York City / New Jersey area

Weekly Menu

We'll work together to make sure we honor all your dietary packages. Our menu changes weekly and incorporates seasonal ingredients, so you’ll be able to try many different meals each week!

Dinner, Lunch and Breakfast at your doorstep!

Our very talented chefs prepare beautiful, healthy, seasonal and organic (almost) meals! All our vegetables are fresh and never frozen.

Keep for Later!

The chef will put the food in tupperware and label all the containers with specific re-heating instructions. You can also freeze meals for later use. All you need to do in ENJOY the food with your family.

Just Enjoy!

Leave all the planning, shopping and cooking up to us. You can know that your family is eating healthy without spending hours in the kitchen yourself. Just enjoy the best part: EATING!


Bento Box Suggestions