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About the Chefs

Picture this

You and your family are working together to clean up after dinner and one of your kiddos turns to you and says, “I love cooking with you, Mom!”

There is nothing like that experience. 

For us, when we know we’ve helped you create a delicious, healthy, and fun meal that the whole family will enjoy we feel like we are accomplishing our purpose. 


We’ve covered every step of the process for you:

  • Recipes
  • Classes
  • Friend’s to support you along the way (that’s us)

Take a scroll down the page and get to know us a bit more. We’ll see you in the kitchen soon!

"This class has been such a fun experience for my son and a treat for the whole family!

If you have kids interested in cooking, this is a great option! My son not only loves cooking in class, he now likes to look up recipes, make swaps on his own, and try new things. Chef Rama Ginde has instilled a love of cooking in him, and I'm not complaining!  "

Chef Rama

In Indian culture, food and family are two of our biggest obsessions, and even though I spent my formative years in Puerto Rico, my Indian-born parents continued this tradition with me and my siblings. Cooking – both the practice of and the eating of food – was a core part of my childhood.  My happiest memories are in the kitchen with my mother, chopping, mixing, and soaking in our heritage, ancestors, and culture. 

As I began my career as a chef, the reality of our overscheduled society began to sink in. I saw my friends, patrons, and clients relying on drive-thrus and freezer meals to feed their families.  The nutritional impact was worrisome enough – but the familial, relational, and cultural implications were even more so. 

A little more about my background:

  • Bachelors in Culinary Arts Management from The Culinary Institute of America
  • Trained at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and Columbia University’s Teacher’s College
  • Private chef, holistic health counselor, educator, and teacher

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Chef Anita

I was raised in Mumbai, India and, after marrying my husband, we moved to Puerto Rico, where we raised our three children, and later to New Jersey.  

Just as I learned about our culture, heritage, and cuisine from my own mother and grandmother in India, I enjoyed sharing those things with Rama and her siblings as we laughed, shared, and cooked.  Together, we explored the tastes, techniques, and textures of different cuisines, which we’ve integrated into a unique fusion of flavors.  

Watching Rama grow and evolve as a chef has been a great joy in my life, and her career inspired me to pursue my own lifelong interests around food and health, including becoming a health coach and certified plant-based chef. 

A little more about my background:

  • Former fashion designer and business owner
  • Certified Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition
  • Certified Plant-Based Chef through Alchemy Academy Bali

"Chef Rama and Chef Anita at WannaBeeChef put together a 2 hour girls night out cooking class for my friends and me. We cooked a fabulous 3 course Indian meal together, guided by Chef Rama and Chef Anita. It was so fun and they made it so easy by sending us the grocery list, preparation requirements, and recipes ahead of time. My friends and I felt like we were cooking together! Afterward, I said goodbye to my friends and sat down with my family to enjoy the delicious homemade meal. My family said we are never ordering Indian take-out again!"


To bring back the true essence of plant-powered cooking – the togetherness, the shared experience, the enjoyment, the community, the fun – and to share it with the world.