Dinner Party in a Day!

with Chef Rama Ginde as seen on Food Network

What if you could FULLY enjoy the festivities of the year, host with confidence, and avoid the chaos of overwhelm and preparation that usually comes with it?

What if your everyday meal time could be elevated into something special and intentional without adding more time to the calendar and instead giving you more time to enjoy the flavors, sounds, and stories of your family around the table any day of the week.

Mom, I want you to see yourself around the table with friends and family. Feeding your soul while those you love nourish their taste-buds. Where the music is playing, laughter is bellowing, and you are right in the middle of it all- - proud of what you put together and watching as everyone around you is lost in the atmosphere of love and joy you’ve created!

You CAN feed your soul and enjoy those around your table!


Dinner Party
in a Day

A simple, easy-to-follow quick guide to setting up, preparing, and WOW-ing at last minute (and pre-planned) dinner parties for any time of the year.

Dinner Party in a Day is our personal approach to hosting, wowing, and enjoying get-togethers no matter how expected or unexpected they are.

These tips are heart-crafted to allow your home and your table to be filled with:

  • Joy
  • Laughter
  • Delicious food
  • Quick Prep (and high-quality) ambiance

Your guests will feel welcomed and you will feel proud to host whenever- - and never compromise on taste, value, or sanity!

What’s inside Dinner Party in a Day?

So glad you asked!


Inside this course is everything you need to grab, cook, host, and sit-back & enjoy your next gathering.

Here’s what is included:

Step 1: Appetizer

Enjoy the flavors and easy prep of my favorite quick-grab and oh-so-yummy appetizer. It wow’s every time and set’s the tone for a lovely evening.


Step 2: Dinner

From my judge-wowing recipe on Food Network’s CHOPPED, I’m sharing my Thai Curry recipe with you. It’s quick and delicious- - our favorite combo


Step 3: Dessert

A family and fan favorite that makes prep work easy and brings joy to the heart and belly. 


Step 4: Cocktails

Livin up any party with our go-to cocktail that works for any season. Using ingredients we all typically have on hand makes this cocktail a hostess staple


Step 5: Teas

Tea is a culture and sitting at the table after a meal enjoying stories, memories, and life around a cozy cup of freshly brewed tea is a joy in any season of life. 

We’ve also gifted a few bonuses to take your next Dinner Party to the next level!

Grocery List of all of the items needed:
Keeping these staples on hand will give you the freedom to host on a moments notice and never compromise on flavors or experience


Tablescape & Easy Hosting tips from an Interior Designer:

Our friend Katrina NV is bringing her expertise on setting an atmosphere and hosting with ease to Dinner Party in a Day. She is a pro at making everyday moments full of simplicity and magic. 

Cooking & Decorating Schedule:

To make planning your Dinner Party in a Day even more simple we have laid out a suggested schedule for you that includes what order to cook & when to start decorating your table. Removing the stress and giving you all of the excitement of a check-list that is simple to execute


Substitution List:
We know everyone has different food preferences & food sensitivities so a Substitution List for the most common pantry switches is perfect for the host that has to consider all of the needs of their family and guests.

Grab Dinner Party in a Day… today!

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  • 3 course meal
  • 1 cocktail 
  • Tea recipes
  • Tablescape & Hosting tips
  • Cooking & Decorating Schedule
  • Grocery shopping list
  • Substitution Guide
I want Dinner Party in a Day!

Meet Rama & Chef Anita

We are Chef Rama & Anita, Mother-daughter Chef Duo behind WannaBee Chef

A community and movement heart-crafted to feed mom- - at the table and in her soul.

We have a shared passion for food, cooking, and eating! We believe food is the glue that holds family and friends together. We want to share our joy of cooking plant-based foods in this guide and on our YouTube channel, Plant-Powered Cooking by WannaBee Chef. We are both professionally trained chefs, but cooking is our love language - it is the culinary manifestation of our hearts and souls.