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Hey Mom, are you ready to finally have the space to focus on all of your favorite parts of your week (like time with your family) without compromising on the flavor and quality of your meals?

It’s true- - the days are long but the years are short and, we can hear you now thinking about all of the have-to’s, need to’s, and want to’s that you carry for your family. You’re trying to streamline your schedules so you are:

  • Pinning recipes on Pinterest and never re-visiting the board
  • Grabbing fast-food while running errands because there is no time to cook with such a full schedule
  • Feeling guilty because you want your family to be healthier but you don’t know where to start
  • Ready to throw in the towel because trying to make something healthy and delicious is impossible (and you just can’t take on one. more. thing. today)

We see you, mom. It makes sense that you are ready to give up on your goals of a healthier, well-rounded plate. Even more so, you just don’t see how you can do it all and still have time to spend with those you love. 

You are doing so much already.

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Imagine what it would feel like to be in control of your kitchen, time, and the wellness of your family.

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βœ“ Guilt would no longer be present at meal time

βœ“ Cooking, eating, and cleaning would be a family affair

βœ“ You could look ahead at your week and know exactly what’s on the table and feel confident in its value

βœ“ Taking a much-needed mom-break and bubble bath would suddenly be possible

Truthfully, all of this is possible and we equip moms every day who are taking charge of their table & their time.


The Plant Powered 

Family Made Simple

The step-by-step resource you need to prep, plan, and participate in a plant-powered menu in half the time even with a meat loving & on-the-go family.



A guided, at-your-own-pace resource that walks you through meal planning, recipe making, and including the family with videos & recipes for each meal category and how to implement this menu to save you time & sanity

 How is The Plant-Powered Family Made Simple Different?

Easy. It was made by moms FOR moms.

 This is the best support for mom & family to help you build a delicious relationship with plant-forward meals so you can set the table with confidence and know your family will love what’s in front of them. We lead it all with time-saving tips and tricks to support you as you support your family. 

I'm SO ready!

Here is what’s inside:

  • 8 Module that breakdown the Cooking Techniques we use to save time in the kitchen, recipes for the 3 dominant meals of the day + sides & soups
  • Video Walkthroughs for recipes
  • 21+ Recipe’s
  • Recipe Cards & Meal Planning Calendar
  • Quick Trick Training - “How to ease into plant-forward dining with a meat-loving family”
  • Simplified Guide to the Instant Pot for each recipe
  • Plant-Powered Substitution Guide
  • Unlimited Support in Private Facebook Group

And, because your families joy is our priority we are also giving exclusive access to these bonuses:

  • Kid-Friendly Guide to Knife Skills: Chop Like a Chef

  • Sample Meal Plans & Grocery Lists

  • Equipment List

  • Private community for support, additional recipes, and other moms on the plant-powered journey

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Are you ready to join the sisterhood of moms making a difference at the table AND in their schedules?

Get INSTANT Access to The Plant-Powered Family Made Simple



This is perfect for me! I'm ready!

We can't wait to meet you inside!

We are Chef Rama & Anita - - Mother-daughter Chef Duo behind WannaBee Chef

A community and movement heart-crafted to feed mom -- at the table and in her soul.

We have a shared passion for food, cooking, and eating! We believe food is the glue that holds family and friends together. We want to share our joy of cooking plant-based foods in this guide and on our YouTube channel, Plant-Powered Cooking by WannaBee Chef. We are both professionally trained chefs, but cooking is our love language - it is the culinary manifestation of our hearts and souls.

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Not Sure if The Plant-Powered Family Made Simple is right for you?

If you are:

  • Tired of starting from scratch every week to create a meal plan
  • Wanting to support your family in a healthier lifestyle
  • A food-lover who doesn’t want to compromise on flavor
  • Like’s the hard work done for them
  • Need something that’s at your pace and caters to your day-to-day
  • Want to spend the time you have with your family and not a slave to the kitchen (or drive-thru line)

Then you’ve found the sweet spot for your family's table!

What are they saying?

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"This course really showed me just how much my Instant Pot was capable of! Every recipe created by Chef Rama and Chef Anita was easy to follow and also really delicious. I've made lots of the recipes several times since!"

Don’t let another week… month… year go by wishing you would have made the chance to better your family's plate and unload your busy schedule.

I'm ready!

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