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The Ultimate Guide to
Plant-Powered Cooking In An Instant Pot

Plant-Powered Cooking with an Instant Pot, is a detailed course that demystifies the Instant Pot while teaching you how to cook and eat wholesome, plant-based meals.
Cook smarter - not harder - in the kitchen.


We Heard You...

  • The Instant Pot is scary and you don’t know how to use it!
  • You have tried the meal prep boxes and find them wasteful. Plus, your family doesn't really like the taste of them.
  • You want to be healthy and make the change for your family, but you don't know where to start.
  • Vegetables are a side dish. How are you going to feel full?
  • You want to spend the time you have with your family not slaving in the kitchen.

Wouldn't it be great to have an answer to that dreaded question “What's for dinner?”

We Got You Covered!

These are the exact reasons we created The Ultimate Guide to Plant-Powered Cooking In An Instant Pot.

The Instant Pot is an amazing kitchen tool that allows you to have a busy life while still cooking homemade meals that are healthy, satisfying, and plant-powered. This course has 21+ daily recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Most recipes are family-friendly and even perfect for entertaining.

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Add more veggies, grains and beans in your diet.


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Cook one meal for everyone in your family.


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Get organized meal planning, grocery lists and how to's.


What is plant-powered cooking?

Contrary to popular belief, plant-based eating isn’t just for vegetarians or vegans!  Vegetables are essential to maintaining a healthy body, weight, and lifestyle, and they help lower cholesterol, aid in digestion, and help stabilize blood sugar.

But many people turn up their noses at vegetables, thinking only of boring steamed broccoli or mushy peas.  But when they’re cooked right and well-seasoned, vegetables can be amazing, filling, and healthy!  We want to change people’s opinions on vegetables by showing them how to shop, cook, appreciate, and enjoy the vegetables we grew up on.

How does it work?

  • We provide 21+ easy plant-powered recipes for every mealtimes, soups, basics, and more! 
  • Try out recipes at your own pace from every category -- perfect for working in healthy eating to your family dinner plans!
  • Watch videos in the course, download PDF recipes & shopping lists, and learn how to use your Instant Pot.
  • Feel comfortable and empowered to cook healthy, plant-powered meals for your family and repeat these recipes every month.
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Whats Inside? 

Delicious Plant-Powered Options to make transitioning to healthy eating EASY for your family!

Through video lessons, easy to follow PDF recipes, and 'How To' mini-videos teaching prep techniques, you will become confident in preparing quick meals using your Instant Pot.

I'm SO ready!

In the Modules:

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Module One

Intro to Plant Powered Cooking

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Module Two

Intro to the Instant Pot

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Module Three

What to Expect in the Course

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Module Four

Basic Techniques

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Module Five


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Module Six


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Module Seven


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Module Eight


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Module Nine



Bonuses to Make Planning out your Meals Even Easier!

Blank Recipe Cards & Calendar

Create your own personalized recipes & schedule out your entire month of Instant Pot meal planning with ease!

Sample Meal Plans, Equipment & Tool List, and Grocery List!

What are they saying?

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This course inspired me to move out of my comfort zone in the kitchen and create healthful, plant-based recipes for myself and my family.  The online support and video tutorials that accompanied the detailed recipes set this course apart from others, and ensured that my creations would be a success (which is important when you have hungry kiddos waiting to eat)!

 One of my faves was the jackfruit “pulled pork” which impressed my pulled pork loving husband and got two thumbs up from my daughters. Before this course, I had never even heard of jackfruit and by the end, I was reaching for seconds of this yummy, and healthful dish!

- Jen

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Why this Course?

  • Step by Step: We cover everything you need for each recipe, the ins-and-outs of the Instant Pot, and how to customize your family’s personal preferences throughout.
  • This entire course was built by Chefs & Moms. We take the confusion and overwhelm out of plant-powered living and make it simple, easy to follow, and delicious for the whole family!
  • Go through the course at YOUR pace! Whether you want to dive in and plan out a full month’s worth of meals or you only have time to implement a little at a time- - this course is perfectly set-up to support you at YOUR pace and will fit in with YOUR family schedule.
  • You are making a healthy impact in your family and for the environment. This course EMPOWERS you to deepen a delicious plant-based lifestyle to support your family AND it reduces your carbon footprint as you do it. That’s a win/win!

Go from feeling overwhelmed and stressed to feeling confident and empowered!

Experience a journey to a healthy lifestyle through adding more plants in your diet for you and your family while using the Instant Pot!

Let's do this!

Meet the Chefs

We are Anita and Rama, a mother-daughter team with a shared passion for food, cooking, and eating! We believe food is the glue that holds family and friends together. We want to share our joy of cooking plant-based foods in this guide and on our YouTube channel, Plant-Powered Cooking by WannaBee Chef. We are both professionally trained chefs, but cooking is our love language - it is the culinary manifestation of our hearts and souls.

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What are they saying?

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This course really showed me just how much my instant pot was capable of! Every recipe created by Chef Rama and Chef Anita  was easy and was also really delicious. I've made lots of the recipes several times since!

- Koren

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The Ultimate Instant Pot Guide




Features Include:

9 Modules of Exclusive Cooking Training and Recipe Resources

'How To' Mini Videos to teach you essential techniques

PDF Recipe Downloads

Equipment & Shopping Lists

Sample Family Meal Plans

Recipe Cards & Weekly Calendar

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Grab our VIP Bonus Package & you'll get: 

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A brand new Instant Pot straight to your door courtesy of Chefs Rama & Anita!

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Frequently Asked Questions

It's time for your Instant Pot to be a tool for healthy living for you and your family!

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