Doorstep Meals

Dinner. Delivered.

Get ready-to-eat, delectable, and healthy meals on your doorstep every week.

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Honey, what if we told you that you CAN have it all?

  • Kids who enjoy their vegetables
  • Delightful, delicious dishes prepared for you
  • Enjoying having family dinner back at the table
  • Joy and memories made in the everyday must-do moments 

Our seasonal meals are full of flavor and tailored to your dietary preferences

  • Vegan and gluten-free options available.

  • Packages start at just $37 a day!

  •  Feed your family — without the fuss.


Our Seasonal Menu

Every week, we offer a new set of meals that honors all your dietary requirements. We offer vegan and gluten-free options, and all our vegetables are fresh and never frozen.


Bento Box Suggestions

Week of Dec 5

Hey there! We are Anita & Rama…

And we are the Chefs behind WannaBee Chef! We are a Mother-Daughter duo and we are all about solving the, “What’s for dinner?” issue. 

Our mission is to deliver dinner to your doorstep and take the stress of week night meals off of you! We use the best, freshest ingredients that will give you peace of mind about what you’re feeding your family. 

Here’s the thing: we believe you are the glue that holds your family & friends together and food is the tie that binds us all together. 

We know you aim to connect with your loved ones, especially around the table– and we want that experience to be as tasty, easy, and memorable as possible. 

We LOVE preparing meals for busy families that still want to make dinner a special time of gathering, but without all the prep-work and planning!

We also share our joy of cooking plant-forward meals through classes, recipes, and tutorials on our Youtube channel.

We may be professionally trained chefs but we are Moms first. We always plan with options centered around moms like us who want their families to be well-fed, but their time may be limited to do so.

Even if it’s for a few nights a week, or a few nights a month– let us do the cooking! Or allow us to cook alongside you through our courses and YouTube recipes! 

Let’s share a meal, our hearts, and our journey together!

Why Plant-Powered Cooking is the Queen Bee of the family kitchen table?

Fun fact: Plant-powered eating isn’t just for vegetarians or vegans. Around here we like to look at meat as the condiment so the flavors of earth can be front and center (and our families can maintain a healthy lifestyle)

Veggies create an ecosystem in our bodies that helps us maintain a healthy body, weight, and lifestyle.

Trust us when we tell you we’ve MASTERED the art of plant-powered cooking with all of the luxuries of trained Chef pizazz!

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