Summer Camp for Kids

Travel the world by cooking your way through some amazing and delicious countries! 

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We are covering plant-powered cuisines from all over the world!

Perfect for the solo chef or find a group of 4 friends and create your own virtual cooking pod!

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What are we cooking up?


North America
July 26th-July 30th 

Biscuits and Gravy, BBQ Sauce, Mini Peach Pies, Tex mex, Deep Dish Pizza and etc! 

AM session 10:30-12:30 


August 2nd-6th 

Eggrolls, Sushi, Samosas, Fried rice, Wonton Soup, Coconut Sticky Rice, Green Tea and Vanilla Pops and etc! 

PM session 2:30-4:30

August 16th-20th 

Crepes, Pierogies, Belgian Waffles, Moussaka, Berry Strudel and etc! 

AM session 10:30-12:30



South America/Carribean Islands:
August 23rd-27th

Rice and Beans, Plantains,Vegetarian Ceviche, Empanadas, Guava Pastel, Dulce de Leche Cupcakes and etc!

PM Session 2:30-4:30


PLUS even MORE Mini Camps!

Check them all out on our calendar HERE!

Weekly Virtual Cooking Camp Structure

Monday & Wednesday


Tuesday & Thursday



Culinary + Chopped Baking Final Party!

I'm ready to travel the world from my kitchen this summer!

Camp Investment

$250 per week

WannaBee Chef Special Offers

Sign up for 4 weeks and get 10% off

Sign up by May 15th for 10% off! 

Price is per device & Siblings are FREE!

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